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Inspiration alone is not enough to create lasting change. To do that, we must change our habits, beliefs and connections in the brain that sustain old patterns. Whether it is in a lecture, a workshop or a group facilitation, I introduce thought-provoking ideas, theory and creative thought with useful, practical tips and tools that will help participants to apply the information in their life right away. And questions that generate discussion are always welcomed! 

The common theme to all the subjects I speak, teach or lecture on is the importance of creating understanding and emotional awareness of self and others. I believe that through understanding we reduce judgement and fear, and create environments were people can flourish rather than be at odds with themselves or with others.

Looking for a Speaker, Facilitator or Lecturer for Your Event?  


If you have an occasion or event, and are in need of an experienced, thought-provoking speaker, look no further. Combining inspiration and practicality, participants will leave with new perspectives and new approaches to enhance their lives and give them tools for handling what comes their way.

My portfolio of speaking engagements, lectures and teaching includes conference key notes, panel discussions and break-out learning sessions, trade show lectures, networking event guest speaking and "lunch & learns," social group presentations, developmental workshops, wellness retreats, and professional development events in both the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

Program/Workshop Topics

Mindfulness  Meditation and Stress Reduction Programs

SMART  - Stress Reduction Programs for Educators

Self-Esteem at Any Size

Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care for Therapists

Developing Emotional Resilience for Front-line Service Workers

How to Give Effective Feedback/ Non-Defensive Communication Skills

Understanding Emotions/The Role of Emotions in the Workplace

Grief and Loss

De-Personalizing Behaviour 

Authentic Living

These are examples of the programs offered. If you are interested in something you don't see here, please contact me to inquire about customized workshops to suit your needs.