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Personality Assessments

"The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases."

          -Carl Jung

An essential error we make as human beings is to assume that we are all the same -- that our needs, motivations and drives are all the same, and, therefore, "normal." 

As a result, anything we or others do that is different from what is the norm is seen as bad, wrong, dysfunctional, or even diseased. We can spend years focusing on changing characteristics in ourselves because we are told by our culture that they are weaknesses or flaws. We can judge ourselves harshly and damage our self-esteem when unable to achieve the level of "normal" functioning, or when we find things difficult that seem to come easily to others. 

We can waste a great deal of mental, emotional, and even physical energy focusing on these shortcomings, rather than developing our innate talents to the maximum of their potential.

Personality Assessments allow us to understand that not all brains are organized in the same way, and that we can often have natural qualities and capacities that are distinctive from other people.  They enable us to gain a greater understanding of what may be "normal" for us in terms of those attributes which will come most easily, and which will, predictably, take more effort and energy to develop.

The key benefit of their use is that we are better able to understand ourselves and others, which means we can reduce the judgement that often keeps us at odds with ourselves and the world around us.

Personality Assessments provide an invaluable foundation for understanding oneself.  They are not meant to limit or "pigeon-hole" people; rather, they are meant to provide a starting point for understanding the raw material of a person's psyche. Ultimately, to guide our decisions, so that life, relationship and career/work choices can be wisely made to work with one's natural abilities rather than against them. 

Personality Assessments Will Help You To:

Understand what is "normal" based on your personality type/brain organization 

Identify predictable behaviours, strengths and challenges 

Understand individual differences


Take other people's behaviour less personally 

Develop your relationships

Improve and enhance communication 

Reduce conflict

Decide on career direction

Improve leadership skills 

Understand your workplace needs, strengths and obstacles