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Corporate Confidant Coaching

There is You.

There is Your Role.

Then, there are the Situations in between that can make both vulnerable.

You are highly competent and capable in your areas of expertise. You pride yourself on your ability to get the job done, and you hold yourself accountable for your outcomes – positive or otherwise.

Your ingenuity, work ethic and perseverance got you where you are today.

Your role is an extremely demanding one that requires you to make tough decisions that affect company performance. You depend on good people, while others depend on you.

Your decisions affect the bottom line and shareholder returns.

Situations arise, however, that challenge you beyond your experience and expertise, stretch you into unknown territory, and leave you feeling trapped, powerless or abandoned.

Personal situations. Intimidating situations. Emotional situations.

These are the situations that make you doubt what you do by making you uncomfortable, frustrated, and impatient.

You may stand in your own way by avoiding them, or ignoring them.

You may focus on them, becoming increasingly more frustrated and less productive at what you do.

You may even bring this frustration to other areas of your life, like family, friends, festivities and much needed rest time. Situations don’t simply go away. Left unaddressed, they begin to grow out of control, then undermine your success. You may feel compelled to figure it out on your own, but even our strongest leaders and top performers are limited by what they have experience with. Without new skills and approaches, you simply repeat what you know and hope that it works.

You may have already attempted other approaches to your private development offered by coaches or counselors – where you use conventional “push-push-achieve” methods, accountability models, or unstructured emotional therapy approaches to address your struggles, but achieve limited success.

Your wisdom tells you that your best strategy is to find that individual who can mentor you through the process of learning new skills and strategies for handling those issues that are the most uncomfortable for you. Someone who understands that a lack of experience is not weakness; it’s simply a lack of opportunity. Willing to listen without judgment, this professional can help you see that you often have the answers; you just have to move them out of your head, and into action.
We all face situations, and while we cannot eliminate them, we can eliminate the fear, doubt and frustration associated with them, and see them for the first time with a new pair of eyes.

Beyond coaching or counseling, there is Your Corporate Confidante: a Behavioural Consultant who listens to your concerns, understands your challenges and helps you to identify the steps necessary to develop the competence and confidence you need to engage with your challenges head on, and to work through the situations that are outside your comfort zone and beyond your current capacity. In the role of Corporate Confidante, I help executives, leaders, and business owners to work through personal and professional barriers that stand in the way of success.

From relationship issues and personal loss, to personality conflicts and resistance to change, I will be the person you trust to direct you through the process of learning new approaches and strategies for handling the challenges you face and the resistance you are certain to encounter along the way.

As your Corporate Confidante, I will be your guide along the way to achieving your personal and professional potential 

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How am I Different Than Other Coaches and Consultants?

Experience, Knowledge, Compassion

I started my career in the corporate world, working for the first 12 years in the Telecoms industry, through downsizing, out-sourcing, reorganizations, two new company take-overs, ISO implementation...you get the picture.

I have seen the impact of inexperienced or ineffective leadership first hand; have had my hands tied by policy; have been involved in dysfunctional team endeavours and poorly-planned change initiatives. I have been frustrated by the glass ceiling, all the while being told it doesn't exist. I've been where you just might be today.

As a trained Psychotherapist, I have the qualifications to understand emotions and behaviour. I know first hand how emotions that are not factored into human situations such as the workplace ultimately end up controlling the workplace.

I know that if we don't address our emotions or those of others, we never develop competence in using them effectively. And I have the training and experience to handle emotional situations head on, with understanding and compassion. And to teach others how to do the same.

As an experienced Behaviour Change Consultant, I have worked with national and multinational organizations to help to develop their leadership teams. I have also worked with small to medium-sized, and family-owned companies.

I have coached executives, managers, supervisors, professionals and entrepreneurs, on six continents, on emotional self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness issues, as well as how to best utilize the strengths of their personalities and to develop high-performance teams.

I have seen amazing results with the personal and interpersonal growth of business people of all sorts who have been able to take the information and tools they are given and affect real change.

I have watched individuals courageously apply what they have learned to improve their ability to lead, to achieve and to influence, and to enhance their personal lives as well.

Once you have been told by someone on the other side of the planet that the time you spent with them has changed them forever, it changes you forever, too.